About Sewer Sentry

About Us

The Sewer Sentry is a patented device that dramatically reduces rain inflow within a sewer system while allowing ventilation, reducing a system's exposure to corrosive gasses. We are improving the environmental quality of our water, improving public relations, and saving tax payers tons of money.
Sewer Sentry

Our Mission

Build a Better World

At Sewer Sentry, we believe that the work we do today has a direct impact on the world we leave behind for future generations. That’s why we’re committed to developing products that help our customers build stronger, healthier communities that benefit everyone.

Our Vision

Integrity, Quality, Responsibility

In everything we do, we’re guided by three core values: integrity, quality, and responsibility. We believe that every product we create must meet the highest standards of quality and durability, and we’re committed to being responsible stewards of our resources and our environment.


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