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Is your city’s sewer system turning into a financial and environmental headache? You’re not alone.

Cities nationwide are grappling with the challenges of:

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The Sewer Sentry Solution


Traditional manhole covers are a weak link in our fight against sewer overflow, leaking as much as 7,200 gallons of water in a single day. 

Heavy rain inflow leads to more water in the storm drain and sewer that needs to be processed thus overwhelming the pumps.

Sewer Sentry is a game-changer – with our technology, leakage is drastically reduced to approximately 110 gallons per day*, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

That's a 98% reduction in inflow!

* Tested and verified by the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) at Louisiana Tech University in April 2024.



With the Sewer Sentry installed on a cast iron or composite manhole, the amount of leakage reduces drastically.

BEFORE (standard manhole)

Louisiana Tech Water Study

AFTER (with Sewer Sentry installed)

Water Study with Sewer Sentry Installed


Sewer Sentry


A sobering insight from the Neenah Foundry Company reveals the stark inefficiency of standard management practices: A single inch-hole in a 24” manhole cover during a rainstorm can admit an astonishing 13.23 gallons of water per minute

For a town with 400 manholes, that’s an excess of 843,360 gallons due to a four-hour storm

The Sewer Sentry slashes this number to less than 85,000 gallons. The savings for your municipality? Enormous, in both finances and resources.

Sewer Sentry Products Composite
sewer sentry installed

Inflow Reduction Technology, US Patent 8,851,781 B1

With the Sewer Sentry manhole, the rain water is correctly diverted to the storm drain, allowing the system to breathe properly and not overwhelm the pumps.

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Save the Environment AND Save Money

With the backdrop of these challenges, the question isn't whether you can afford to adopt Sewer Sentry – it's whether you can afford not to. Our patented technology doesn't just promise to save the environment by preventing unwanted sewer overflow and protecting our water bodies; it also vows to significantly cut costs associated with sewer system management.

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