New Manhole Cover Device Prevents up to 90% of Storm Water Inflow

Originally posted by Countdown Group on October 23, 2015.

David Putnam, CEO of Sewer Sentry LLC, announces the introduction of the patented Sewer Sentry, a small, easy-to-install manhole device that can prevent up to 90% of inflow into sanitary sewer systems through manhole covers and can help prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

It also vents the sewer system of gases that create a highly corrosive environment for manholes, manhole rings and some pipes.

Constructed of DuPont™ Super Tough Zytel® ST801-NC010A nylon 66 resin, the device raises the hole through which rainwater flows into the manhole by ⅝ inch, diverting the vast majority of inflow.

“According to the Neenah Foundry Company, a 24″ manhole cover with just one one-inch hole lets in an average of 13.23 gallons per minute (GPM) of water during rainstorms. A town that has 400 manholes, with 50% in the road and 50% above ground, can expect to process 843,360 more gallons of water due to a four hour rainstorm,” explains Putnam.

“The Sewer Sentry can cut that number to less than 80,000 gallons, a huge savings for the municipality.”

Independently strength tested to 6000 pounds, the Sewer Sentry is engineered to stand up to typical road conditions. It takes a two person crew about 20 minutes to install using simple tools.

The device is available through and quality distributorships.

About Sewer Sentry

Sewer Sentry is part of the JABAR Corporation family of companies. Since 1983, JABAR Corporation has served an expanding territory of municipal and private customers with pipe bursting and water infrastructure installation needs. Based in Calhoun, LA (USA), the firm holds nine design patents in the sewer pipe replacement field.

Today, the firm has a global reach, with its team providing expertise on difficult pipe bursting scenarios and offering its patented pipe bursting machines to clients around the world through Innovative Trenchless Systems (ITS).

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