Sewer Sentry Size

Sewer Sentry is a sewer solution system that dramatically reduces inflow during rainstorms and lowers a sewer system’s exposure to corrosive gases, which can cause odor and become an explosive hazard. The Sewer Sentry sewer hole cover works as a manhole cover gasket and manhole ventilation system. This manhole vent seals manhole covers with a proprietary device. The Sewer Sentry device is constructed of Dupont Zytel, a nylon resin that is impact resistant, chemical resistant, UV light resistant, heat resistant, and cold resistant. It is also available in stainless steel.

All Sewer Sentry manhole cover gaskets are fitted with a 1” wide, 1/8” rubber seal that helps create minimal leakage between the sewer hole cover and bearing surface. The Sewer Sentry sewer solution system is installed through a hole that is drilled in the manhole cover using a rubber gasket to minimize leakage. It protrudes approximately 5/8” above the surface of the manhole cover, allowing some sheet flow over the cover but not high enough to damage bicycles, vehicles, etc. Learn more about the technical specs of the Sewer Sentry sewer solution system below:


General Specifications

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